My first client

Like most in the insurance industry, my first client was a very good friend. I was talking about what I was learning about insurance and how it changed my direction about how I was investing for the future and he spoke up and asked about getting disability insurance. He had recently suffered an injury to his Achilles heal and couldn’t work for over a year. This was devastating to his income flow and he wanted to be covered better if something like this happened again. So he asked for a quote for disability insurance. I was starting to work on a quote when I realized during a class we were having at the office that we had a product that would serve his interests much better. So I set up a meeting with him and we met for lunch and I told him about the benefits of an Indexed Universal Life insurance policy though a company called National Life that had been around for 170 years. Yes the regular benefits it came with were the death benefit that he could leave to his better half that would pay out tax free in the case is his death, but also offered an avenue for him to build a cash value in an account that would mirror the S&P 500 recording only it’s gains and not it’s loses and could very well grow his nest egg very fast. He had some money in a Mutual fund that hadn’t been performing very well as of late and asked if he could fund it with that to start. When I ran the numbers, that money would double in a pretty short time.

So then he asked about the disability insurance again and that’s when I told him about Living Benefits. Living Benefits would be there for him if he were to suffer from a chronic , critical or terminal injury or illness that would keep him from working. I gave him a list from a brochure that had a list of all the ways it would pay out and  the amount it would pay out. He was very happy with the result of the illustration I wrote for him and I felt great that I had turned a friend into a client with a product I could trust. He also loved the fact that since we live in a world that people were always trying to sue you, his money was safe from such things, I pointed out that a certain football player that drove a white bronco was able to shield his money from civil action.

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